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Lucas Annear

Master carp angler Luke Annear joins us March 14 to discuss fly fishing for carp and the upcoming cicada emergence!


7 PM


The Brewing projekt

1807 N. Oxford Avenue

Eau Claire WI

Thursday January 11

Thursday February 8

Thursday March 14

Thursday April 11

The Next Fifty Years - 10/14/2022

Clear Waters TU Chapter is 50 years old. This is a milestone, but the next challenge is what do we hand off our legacy to the next generation for their chance to say, “We are 100 Years Old.”

Our meeting platform is an open discussion on what we accomplished as a Chapter and where we go from here?

Chippewa River Custom Rod Company - Difference Between Manufactured and Crafted - 11/10/2022

Tom Schenk, the owner of Chippewa River Custom Rod Company, first learned how to make custom fishing rods when he was twelve. He fished (A LOT), so it was a suiting and practical endeavor. He custom-built fishing rods and fished until joining the Army Rangers, 3rd Battalion from 1989 to 1993. No surprise, when he got back to St. Paul, MN, Tom got right back to building rods and fishing.

In 2002, realizing the city life wasn’t for him, he headed off to Northern Wisconsin, stopping at the junction of the Chippewa and Flambeau rivers–the heart of musky country. He found himself owning a small tavern and building custom fishing rods.

Tom’s true joy and craft are making beautiful custom fishing rods. Especially custom fishing rods exactly how people ask them to be made. Should you ever hold a Chippewa River Custom Rod in your hand and cast away, you’ll understand the difference between ‘manufactured’ and ‘crafted’.


Women and Fly Fishing - 12/6/2022


Our chapter meeting is not just for women, but guys; stay out of why because we invited talented Wisconsin Fly Fishing women to host a round table on how women can  started fly fishing, clinics designed for women only. But, of course, apparel, god forbid you got to look good, and believe me, the guys have been doing this for years!


January Chapter Meeting - The DNR Fish Biologist 1/12/2023

 If it is January then it is time for a setdown discussion with our local DNR Team and discuss the latest fish shocking reports, planned stream restoration projects, and the affects of Climate Change,


Feburary Chapter Meeting - Speed Fly Tying 2/9/2023

Its back again the third annual SPEED FLY TYING. We setup three almost world famous fly tiers and you spend 20 minutes and then the bell rings you move to the next table. There will be three tables set up and after the final bell you can buy the Fly Tier a glass of choice and chat about techiqne.


Gone Fishing!!!! Until Next October

Nothing more to say, but tight lines and wear sunscreen.

Chapter Meetings Starting at 7:00 PM



The Brewing Projekt

1807 N. Oxford Avenue

Eau Claire, WI

Thursday, February 8

Thursday, March 14  

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