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Sand Creek

The Wisconsin ClearWaters of Trout Unlimited (WCWTU) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) announce work has begun on a newly acquired Sand Creek easement. The new easement is between two previous stream restoration projects, and once completed will create substantial stream habitat for trout, land and water species that thrive on cold and clean water. The Wisconsin DNR project manager Nate Anderson stated that the new easement target date for the competition is July 2018.

In the past Sand Creek has undergone multi-year easement rehabilitation projects. Funding and contributions have come from WCWTU, WDNR, Xcel Energy, Dunn County Fish and Game and the Chippewa Valley Outdoor Resource Alliance.

Because of these rehabilitation projects, Sand Creek enhances its ability to provide clean water as a feeder stream to the Red Cedar River.

Last winter this large pile of rock was delivered in preparation for the DNR crew to work there magic on the new easement. The plan is to update this page as the rock moves from the pile to the stream, but do not wait for us to update the page. You are more than welcome to view the work in progress, and bring your waders and fly rod check the past work. Trust us you will be amazed.

There are special regulations for Sand Creek and there are DNR crews working in the area! You have been warned.

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